Welcome to this week’s Meta Snapshot. We took your advice from last week and improved on it. This includes having 4 tiers instead of 3. Like last week’s snapshot, support cards like skeletons, goblins, minions, etc will not be included.

All of the cards will be organized into 4 tiers. Tier 1 cards are the super strong ones, those that are defining the current meta.

Tier 2 cards are cards that are strong, but not deck defining.

Tier 3 cards are just mediocre, not good but not awful. These are cards that generally require a lot of skill to preform well with them

Tier 4 cards are the worst of the worst. These are cards that have seen little to no use, have low winrates, and feel weak overall.

So without further ado, lets get started.

Tier One

Hog– The hog has reclaimed its throne as the #1 card. It has seen a slight increase in usage while the Royal Giant has seen a slight decrease. Cycle Hog remains a super strong deck, and it’s winrate against non-hog decks are among the best.

Royal Giant– The Royal Giant continues to be the most used card. Royal Giant / Valkyrie / Freeze has been one of the most popular decks this past week. However more people are learning how to counter it, and the Royal Giant’s Winrate has dropped a bit (against non-RG decks). Chief Pat’s RG-Goblin Hut deck was super popular during the middle of the week, but since then it’s popularity has died down.

Elixir Collector– The Elixir Collector has always been one of the most widely used cards. It works in almost every deck, and if unanswered provides a game-winning elixir advantage. It’s really hard to go wrong with this card, and the advantage it can provide gives it a spot in tier one

Tier 2

Zap– Zap has been on the rise the past 2 weeks, mainly as an alternative to arrows. Zap’s cheap cost, ability to stop a minion horde (like arrows), and being a hard counter to sparky all contribute to its rise. Hog-Zap is one of the highly used decks seen in Arenas 7 and 8, and overall is just a versatile, solid card.

Freeze– Freeze is still a great card, and super frustrating to play against if you do not know what you are doing. Keep in mind Freeze will be nerfed soon, and this snapshot takes into account only the current statistics of cards. We haven’t been seeing as much hog-freeze, but instead we are seeing RG-Freeze-Valkyrie. Valkyrie + Freeze combo has the potential for massive elixir advantage, and overall freeze remains a highly used card.

Valkyrie– The Valkyrie has also seen a rise in popularity, oftentimes replacing the wizard. It pairs really well with Royal Giant and Freeze, and gives enemy barbarians a very hard time.

Cannon– The Cannon remains the exclusive counter to the hog rider, which usually results in a 1 elixir advantage. It’s basically only used against hogs, and nothing more. Does it’s job well, but nothing more.

Mini-Pekka– The Mini Pekka has seen a 176% increase in usage since 2 weeks ago. It deals massive damage to the Royal Giant, and has a relatively cheap cost at 4 Elixir. More and more people are using the mini-pekka, usually to counter the Royal Giant or Hog.

Inferno Tower– The Inferno Tower has not changed much compared to last week. 90% of the time it is used against Royal Giant, and can often provide a 1+ elixir advantage if used correctly. Recent trends suggest the inferno tower oftentimes being used as an alternative to the bomb tower, and with the recent meta it does make sense.

Wizard- The Wizard has lost a bit of its popularity to the Valkyrie, but nonetheless remain a solid card. Usually used to deal with barbarians, it deals a lot of damage as long as it is protected. The Wizard will probably continue decline in usage, as the Witch buff next week gives another solid alternative.

Tier 3

Minion Horde– The Minion Horde has seen quite a decline recently, due to it being extremely counter-able, by arrows, zap, fireball, and princess, all for an elixir advantage. Barbarians or even minions are generally the better options while performing the same role, giving the Minion Horde a spot in tier 3.

Giant– Its been a while since Jason on Helsinki, and the Giant has been on a decline. At 1 elixir more, the Royal Giant usually deals a lot more damage to enemy towers while being Tanky and harder to deal with. Basically, the Royal Giant is much better in the current meta.

Baby Dragon– The Baby Dragon has always been a versatile card that can be many different roles. The problem is, it cannot do anything exceptionally well, it just does everything mediocre.

Witch– Simply put, the Witch currently doesn’t deal enough damage for 5 Elixir. Now this will all change next week when it gets a buff, but as of now the wizard is much better for the same cost.

Giant Skeleton– The Giant Skeleton either feels super strong, or is completely useless. By itself it deals very little damage, and is easily distracted. At 6 Elixir it is quite an investment to make, often one that doesn’t pay off. Typicall you do not see the Giant Skeleton in the higher arenas.

Pekka/Prince/Dark Prince– I usually group these 2 cards together, as you see them played together the majority of the time. This combo is too slow and expensive to be good in the current meta, and as a result hasn’t seen nearly as much play as 2 weeks ago, where it was one of the most popular decks.

Guards– The Guard is just an ok card. It essentially does the same thing skeletons do, but at 3 times the cost. Skeletons are usually the better option besides vs the pekka.

Bomb Tower

Tesla– The Tesla has lost its popularity for a while now. It feels similar to the cannon but costs 1 more elixir. Maybe the May 18th Buff will bring its usage up, but as of now it is rarely used.


Tier 4

Rage– Rage has been a bad card since almost the beginning of its existence. Its basically a worse version of freeze, and sees little to no use

Xbow/Mortar– Both of these cards have been nerfed to oblivion over time, and are just no longer viable. Mortar takes far too long to “charge up”, while the xbow is too expensive and easily distracted.

Skeleton Army– Just a bad card overall. Way too many counters like arrow, zap, valkyrie, wizard, princess, fireball, etc. Basically completely useless against any splash damage.

Goblin Barrel– The Goblin Barrel feels like a weak card. Even if you opponent does nothing to stop it, hogs do a lot more damage. A fun card to use, but not a competitive one.