Who we are

Clash Royal Tourney is a non-profit website with the goal of providing excellent Clash Royale related content. We host weekly/bi-weekly tournaments, some for fun and others more competitive. No matter what your skill level is, we have something for everyone. Check out which tournaments are going on right now here.



In addition, we constantly create guides ranging from beginner topics to advanced mechanics/strategy. We want to help the beginners learn and the advanced get even better. Check out all of our guides here. 



Occasionally, we will announce special giveaways, where everyone has a chance at free gems!



Did I mention all of this is absolutely free? All of our tournaments come with varying prize pools, completely funded by us. Our writers spend hours working on high quality guides, and they do not get paid a dime. Everything is volunteered, as we are a small team hoping to contribute to the Clash Royal Community. 



If you would have any questions, or would like to help us, please visit our Contact Page