Hey guys, today we will take a look at one of the best Mortar Players in the world, Woody. He uses this deck in normal ladder as well in tournaments, including the recent Reddit Mega Tourney! Let’s take a look at the deck.

Mortar- The heart of this deck, the mortar is what separates Woody from other players. If placed at the right time supported with the right troops, the mortar has the ability to deal a lot of damage to the enemy crown tower. In addition, your opponent often over-commits to killing it, which may lead to a significant elixir advantage.

Mini Pekka- The Mini-Pekka does extremely well in the current meta. It is strong against hogs, royal giant, even ice wizard. Watch Woody play and you will see that he usually saves the mini-pekka for Hog/RG (Gameplay Videos Below).

Minion Horde- The Minion Horde is used primarily on defense for the purpose of shredding tanks. 6 minions pack a huge punch, and it is very satisfying watching your opponents Valk, Giant, etc just melt before your eyes.

Miner- The Miner is probably the best card in the game right now, due to its versatility, cost, and difficulty to deal with. Supercell silently buffing it doesn’t help either. The Miner can be used for just about anything, including destroying an enemy elixir pump, princess, building, or simply to distract/defend. As this deck does not have arrows/fireball, you will often find yourself using miner for the opponents princess.

Zap- Zap remains the most used card in the meta, and for good reason. It works well against minions, goblins, skeletons, you-name-it, while having an invaluable mechanic. Zap is included in this deck to deal with just about anything – Use it to clear cheap units, reset inferno tower/troops, or even to get that last bit of damage you need; this card does it all.

Ice Wizard- The Ice Wizard is another incredibly useful and versatile card. It is excellent on defense, with its decent HP and slow, but it also does well supporting your push, being able to deal with minions and goblins. With this mortar deck, you will basically only be using Ice Wizard on defense. Typically the optimal spot to place it is in the center, as the lure + slow combo is very effective. However, playing an Ice Wizard behind your tower as an opening play isn’t bad either, as Ice Wizard cannot be fireballed.

Tombstone- Woody uses the Tombstone instead of the cannon to counter the hog. An effective way to deal with the hog + set up a counterpush is place a tombstone with a mini-pekka. The 4 skeletons that spawn in the end often provide ample distraction to build up a decent push.

Princess- The princess plays a crucial role in your deck. It is great on defense, dealing decent splash damage from afar, but it also can act like a “Mini Mortar” if your opponent doesn’t respond. It is very hard to gain an elixir advantage on this card which is why the princess is so strong (and annoying for those that don’t own it).


  • Never play the mortar as your first move. It will die very quickly or you will be overwhelmed by a counter push in the other lane. Your goal with the mortar is to place it once you have a comfortable elixir advantage as well as units to protect your mortar.
  • A good opening play would be placing an Ice wizard/princess behind your crown tower, using your miner if your opponent places an elixir pump, or simply waiting for your opponent to make the first move.
  • Save either your tombstone or mini-pekka to deal with your opponents Hog Rider. These 2 cards also work well against the Royal Giant.
  • Use your Zap sparingly! It’s your only direct-damage spell in your deck. Remember that minion hordes/goblins don’t necessarily have to be zapped; Princess, Ice Wizard, or even your own minion horde can be used instead
  • Keep in mind a miner can single¬†handily deal 500 damage to a tower (level 1 miner). Miner + Zap is an extremely powerful combo right now, so abuse it. You will slowly chip away at your opponent’s health resulting in the win. This is even more true for tournaments, where overtime is 3 minutes.
  • Try to place the princess near the center. If you watch closely, most of the better players do this. This is to prevent your troops from getting clustered up, where a single fireball can wipe out multiple units.
  • Always try to read your opponent. If you know they use arrows in there deck, try to bait it out before placing princess. If you know they are using a hog deck, make sure to always have either tombstone or mini pekka in hand.

Other Notes

-Yes, this deck has 3 legendaries which is more than the typical person. Unfortunately supercell has made legendaries so strong compared to other cards that it is hard not to use them (if you get it). This deck is probably only for people who got extremely lucky, paid, or have been playing for a very long time. However, Woody used to use another Mortar Deck with no legendaries, which we will showcase sometimes soon.

-Make sure to check out the Gameplay Videos below. Oftentimes it is easier to learn by watching. Take note of all the little things the better players do we often miss, like placement, timing, etc.

-Another great way to learn is to play in as many tournament as you can. I say tournaments rather than normal ladder play as the tournament cap gives you a much better perspective of your true skill compared to others. It is really not that hard to reach tournament cap levels (besides epics), so if you haven’t yet that should be your primary goal.

-You can also watch/talk to the Mortar Master himself. Follow him on Twitch or Twitter to see some high quality gameplay. Reddit’s Clash Royale Discord Server is a great place to discuss strategies/chill as well.

Gameplay Videos