Clash Royale will be hit with a balance update on 6/21. The update directly affects 13 cards, but also indirectly affects many more. In this post we are going to explain why the Inferno Tower will become on of the very best building card in Clash Royale after the update.


1. Pekka Double Prince will be popular again

Due to buffs to the Pekka and Prince, we can safely assume that the Pekka Double Prince deck will rise in the meta once again. Pekka and Prince are both high hp, high damage single target troops. These are the type of troops that the Inferno Tower excels against. Playing an Inferno Tower against a pekka is a 2+ elixir advantage, while playing it against the prince is a 1+ elixir advantage.

2. Lava Hound has been Buffed

The Lava Hound was already a pretty solid card even without a damage buff (all legendaries are generally very strong). Being an air troop, it is usually tough to deal with UNLESS you have an Inferno Tower. With an Inferno tower, you can watch the hound melt for that sweet 2+ elixir advantage.

3. Royal Giant Untouched + Hog Nerfed

Before the update, the Hog Rider and Royal Giant were the 2 most widely used decks. They were both strong in their own ways, but this time around hog took a nerf while the Royal Giant remains untouched. Naturally, that means some hog users will switch over to the next “best” deck, which happens to be the Royal Giant. Similar to the Pekka/Prince, the Royal Giant is high hp single target, meaning the Inferno Tower does extremely well against it.


With the inevitable meta shift after the June 21st Update, there will be cards that rise and others that fall. The Inferno Tower will be one of the “winners”. Being a good counter to many of the popular decks like Pekka Double Prince, Royal Giant, and Lava Hound, you can expect the Inferno Tower to become one of the most widely used buildings.