The Sparky is a slow-moving, medium cost, massive damage legendary card that is unlockable at arena 6. Capable of doing the most damage per hit in the game (1898 at level 5), the sparky paves a path of utter destruction if used properly. 


-Massive Damage
-Relatively Tanky
-Can’t be knocked back
-Splash Damage


-Slow Attack Speed
-Slow Movement Speed
-Easily Distracted (Zap, Skeletons, Goblins, etc)
-Can only target ground troops


The goal  with the sparky is to get it to target the tower. If you are successful in doing this, the tower will go down in 2-3 sparky hits, In addition, the sparky can be used as a defensive troop sometimes, as it devastates any troop(s) it hits. It one shots almost anything it hits, besides the more tanky units like giants, pekkas, and royal giants.

If used correctly, the sparky can provide massive elixer advantage and lead you to a victory. If it hits the tower even one time, you can consider it successful. The weakness of the sparky is its 5 second attack speed, which makes it easily distracted by cheap troops such as skeletons and goblins. To counter this, always use the sparky along with support troops like archers, minions, musketeers, spear goblins, etc,  to deal with these distractions. In some way, the sparky can also add as a tank,  protecting your support troops from crown tower damage.

Another common  thing people do to deal with the sparky is minion horde. Because the sparky cannot target air troops, you must have a way to deal with them. This could be the support troops, but sometimes you need an immediate response before your sparky goes down, and arrows in my experience work the best. Place your sparky with supporting troops behind it, but make sure you always have at least 3 elixer for a quick arrow.

The sparky is countered hard by the zap, as a well timed zap essentially renders your sparky useless for 9 seconds. If your opponent has zap, you must bait it out before placing the sparky. This could be in the form of a minion horde, goblins, minions, etc.

After doing some testing, IT IS POSSIBLE to push a sparky forward with a prince, similar to the pekka. Place a sparky and then a prince right behind it, and your prince will charge up then push the sparky forward. Not very practical at 11 elixer, but it could possibly catch your opponent off guard.


Here are some strong sparky decks that can easily get you to arena 7/8 if played correctly:

1. Sparky, Royal Giant, Princess/Arrows, Minion Horde, Barbarians, Prince, Wizard, Elixer Collector
This is a popular deck found in high arena 8. It is incredibly strong with the sparky royal giant combo, and almost garunteed to get some tower damage in each time. The princess/wizard are support troops meant to kill cheap troops like goblins and skeletons, so the sparky can reach the tower. Minion horde and Barbarians are generally played defensively, such as against hogs or pekkas. Because this is a high average cost deck, the Elixer Collector is included to cycle cards as well as gain extra elixer. If you do not have princess, arrow makes a fine replacement.

2. Sparky, Goblin, Spear Goblin, Archers, Minions, Arrows, Wizard, Barbarians
This is a very solid deck for those in lower arenas lucky enough to get a sparky. All the other cards are easily obtainable, and the purpose of this deck is to clear the path for the sparky. The win condition is basically reliant on the sparky dealing damage to the towers, while the other cards are just to support it. Play a wizard behind a sparky to decimate cheap troops like goblins, while barbarians are a good answer to hogs. Always be ready to arrow a minion horde. With any legendary, it shouldnt be difficult to reach arena 7.