As we all know, Supercell added a much anticipated in-game tournament feature on July 4th. There was a lot of excitement and hype leading up to the release, but since then people have released that tournaments are lacking in multiple ways. We have compiled a a list of current issues with tournaments, as well as some potential solutions.


Tournaments are too expensive

This is the number one reason why the current tournament feature won’t be successful in the long run. Tournament costs vary from 500 – 250,000 gems. In terms of USD, that means it costs $5 to upwards of $1400 to host a tournament. Because of this paywall, there will be a major lack of tournaments after the “500 gem achievement”. (In fact, we are already seeing the beginning of it now). The vast majority of Clash Royale’s playerbase are people under 18 without a job. Maybe they can afford the occasional $10 or $20 tournament, but there is little chance they would be willing to spend for the bigger tournaments.

Smaller Tournaments aren’t worth it

I guess the saying “you get what you pay for” holds true in this scenario. Smaller Tournaments simply don’t give out enticing awards. Unless you join a tournament that costs $50+, you will most likely just receive the equivalent of a silver/gold chest. Considering the time needed to get placed decently in a tournament, this usually isn’t worth it. But again, most people can’t afford the more expensive tournaments anyways. It’s a circle that eventually leads to a complete absence of joinable tournaments.

Tournaments feel like matchmaking

Many people expected the standard bracket format like any realistic tournament. However the current format feels like the standard ladder games but with tourney caps. I’d argue it’s even worse, as miner / payfecta decks are much more prominent. The current system rewards those who play as much as they can. The simple fact is most people don’t have time to sit through 2, 4, or even 24 hours of constantly playing. Clash Royale was praised as a game that you can pick up, play a game, then put it down, but the tournament system completely contradicts that.

Tournaments are too random

Because supercell hasn’t implemented a bracket-like system, much of your trophy points come from luck / RNG. If your lucky, it is very possible to avoid all the better players while playing all the less-skilled ones, which will place you in a decent position. Considering the fact that you are able to see whether a certain player is currently in a match or not, it isn;t hard at all to simply avoid the top players in the entire tournament, yet still place in the top 10.

Potential Solutions

Have an option for free tournaments

This is the feature that most people probably want. A lot of people find tournaments fun and exciting (especially because of level caps), and would love to play / host free tournaments. There doesn’t need to be a reward besides bragging rights. Unfortunately I do not see this happening as supercell is out to make money. That being said, this would be a great feature to have. The next best option that may be possible is a reduction in gems. This way supercell makes money, but also makes it affordable to a wider array of people.

Bracket Format

 Right now, the tournament format feels like your standard level grind, the only difference being tournament caps. By implementing (or at least having the option to choose) a bracket format, tournaments would actually feel competitive and you wouldn’t have to play for multiple hours straight to get that top spot. Brackets are just one of many options, but supercell should definitely be changing the tournament format.

More Customization

Right now the customization of tournaments is really lacking. There should be options to limit cards, levels, etc. Joining a tournament is a huge struggle, and getting replays is next to impossible. A tournament chat would be nice to say hi / talk trash. There are hundreds of things that could be added, instead of the current 3 setting tournaments.

Reducing Chest Times / Greater Rewards

This is a big one. A 4 or 8 card chest SHOULD NOT take hours and hours to unlock. At least have an option to delete your chest. Again, many people just want to play tournaments for the fun / competition, and 4 cards isn’t worth waiting 4 hours for. In addition, rewards for smaller tournaments feel extremely lackluster for the time you generally have to put in. Unless you win a big tournament, the time investment vs reward usually isn’t worth it. 

All in all, Supercell definitely needs to do something about tournament or it will die out. There are so many things wrong with it right now and it is definitely not the exciting feature we anticipated. Sure, it can be fun. But oftentimes it feels like a money grab, or a complete waste of time.